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This is the Rustic Ridge Riders membership signup form. Membership is good for one year. Membership is from July 1, 2024, through June 30, 2025. With this membership you will automatically be signed up and registered with the AWSC (Association Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs) and receive the AWSC News Magazine. In the club you will also participate in the Rustic Ridge Riders, Inc. 'Club Membership' in the (Wisconsin ATV Association) WATVA. For an individual membership in the WATVA you are required to join the WATVA on your own. To join the WATVA go to their website: Please fill out this form by tabbing over to the appropriate fields, clicking on 'Submit' and mailing your annual dues to: Rustic Ridge Riders, Inc. P.O. Box 381 Adams, WI. 53910

  • $25.00 Annual Dues Renewal or New Member
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