ATV-UTV Announcement 3-1-17


ATV/UTV Riding Status in the Town of Quincy

All Town Roads are ‘OPEN’ for riding!

County Roads are CLOSED!

Stay off of County HWY ‘F’ & ‘Z’  unless posted you may cross them!

                     County ‘Z’ is posted to ride from CTY ‘F’ & ‘Z’ South to Dyke Ave.

to get you to Citgo, Slip Inn & Boomer’s Pub

Adams County Parks & Recreation Map

For all recreation interest’s ATV/UTV & Snowmobile Trails

‘CLICK on the Flyer below for MAP!

ATV/UTV Quincy


10/19/21 ATV/UTV Town of Quincy Ordinance 1-2021

ATV-UTV Town of Qincy Ordinance 1-2021

 9/4/2021 That’s it we made it! After 4 years and 1 month with 2 elections Quincy finally passed  an ATV/UTV Ordinance to allow ATV/UTV’s to ride in the Town of Quincy. Thank you Town Chairman Mary Firari and Supervisor Sharon Trzesniak to make it happen. Ken Bork voted nay/no against it!

Adams Friendship Times Reporter Quincy ATV/UTV Ordinance

8/26/21 Let’s Ride ATV/UTV Ordinance Passed after 4 years 1 month and 2 elections to complete!

Quincy ATV/UTV Ordinance Announcement 8-26-21

5/26/21 Ridge Riders, please plan on attending if possible! We are on the agenda and as always plan on doing the ATV/UTV approval process as always smartly, professionally, tactfully, responsibly, and respectfully!


5/16/21 Thursday, May 27, 2021 at 6:30 pm.

At the Quincy Town Board Meeting

‘Fire House’

2021 CTY. HWY. Z

Friendship, WI. 53934

Our Town! Your Town!

The Ridge Riders are on the agenda for ATV/UTV’s please plan on attending!

Practice social distancing, wear a mask, bring your hand sanitizer!

Come and support Mary as Quincy Town Chairman

Lot’s of fun! Hope to see you there!




5/17/21 ATV-UTV Ordinance & Map 5-27-21

ATV-UTV 5-27-21 all Roads

5/14/21 Quincy ATV/UTV Proposed Google Digital Road Map created by Rustic Ridge  Rider member Dan Morrill. All town roads in RED and CTY HWY ‘F’ & ‘Z” in BLACK.

The town approves the roads in ‘RED’ and it’s a whole other process for the county roads in ‘BLACK’ you have to go to the county for their approval.

Link to proposed Route Google Maps:

ATV-UTV County Z & F 2021-04-20

ATV-UTV Quincy Proposal 4-20-21

ATV-UTV Project Task List

ATV-UTV 8-29-19 all Roads Ordinance

ATV-UTV All Roads Map

11/23/20 In an effort to keep you all informed here’s the latest on the ATV/UTV Adams County Road Route Ordinance hopefully resolved by spring!. Key issues in play!
1) 16 yrs. old with a valid drivers license
2) ATV/UTV Liability Insurance
3) Open intoxicants while riding
4) Speed limits
Read attached article from 11/18/20 Adams Friendship Times-Reporter

Times Reporter 11-18-20

Times Reporter 11-18-20

10/25/20 The latest on ATV/UTV Road Routes in Adams County. Article from the Adams-Friendship Times-Reporter 10-21-20

ATV/UTV County Roads 10-21-20

ATV/UTV County Roads 10-21-20

9/22/20  Ridge Riders, more County roads approved by the Adams CTY Highway Committee and will put up for a vote by all of Adams CTY Supervisors at their next meeting.
It passed 3 to 2 with Supervisors Bork & Pease dissenting.
People we need to ‘Share the Roads’. It can be done safely, it’s simple everyone needs to abide by the laws!

ATV/UTV HWY Committee approval

ATV/UTV HWY Committee approval

6/26/20 An article in the Adams Friendship Times-Reporter on Wednesday, June 24, 2020. Thank you Jody McMannis for being instrumental in getting my article printed!

ATV/UTV’ing today in Adams County

6/14/20 Proposal for County Roads Z & F

ATV-UTV Z & F 6-9-20

5/14/20  ‘One Signature’
Town of Quincy ATV-UTV

Overview 5-14-20
This report is a complete fact-finding document used to post all the real facts and questions answered in regard to getting an ‘ordinance’ approved in the Town of Quincy for a legalized ‘all road’ route to all businesses in the town which would enhance and expand our town into the world of ATV/UTV’s. This has been an on-going issue since presented to the Town Board on July 29, 2017. There is nothing more to be researched, questioned, proposed, or reviewed.
Today the ATV/UTV PowerSport activity is the fastest growing sport in the state of Wisconsin. Many of our town residents, and several of our club members, are getting involved in the sport of ATV/UTV by riding and purchasing these PowerSport vehicles. All the surrounding towns and municipalities are putting Quincy on an “island”. The time to get involved and make the move is now. We need ONE SIGNATURE that will allow the use of ATV/UTV’s in Quincy for work, transportation, and recreation.
The following is a sequence of events regarding the Quincy Town Board:
• ATV/UTV Ordinance has been on the agenda 9 times. Prior to the 2019 election, even though being on the agenda many times, I was passed over and not allowed to speak
• A formal presentation was presented to the board at a town hall monthly meeting
• A ‘public hearing’ was held at the Adams County Community Center. Present were the Adams County Sheriff, Adams County Sheriff Recreation Officer, President of the Wisconsin ATV Association, Town of Rome Board Supervisor, Adams County Chamber of Commerce Director, Town of Quincy Chairwoman, and Supervisor #2. NOT PRESENT was Supervisor #1
• Law enforcement from Adams County Sheriff’s Dept. and the WDNR Adams County Warden, have sat in on numerous occasions and have been communicated with throughout this process
• The town board has a ‘motion’ on the floor for research regarding a full-time Quincy police force made in January 2018. A work order was presented to Supervisors 1 & 2 for a police force in October 2019 at the town open hearing. Money…. $20,000 was budgeted for additional police support in Quincy in November 2018. They raised the town’s taxes 3.65 percent and we still do not have additional police coverage. Again, we haven’t seen any documentation from them regarding anything to do with policing Quincy other than the Work Order 1-2019 itself, signed by electors & taxpayers.
• Waiting on a research document from Supervisor #2 since May 2019. He is supposedly doing extensive research on the issue of ATV/UTV’s
• At the 2019 Annual Town meeting, an All-Roads ATV/UTV Ordinance ‘motion’ was read and made by a town citizen/elector from the floor, voted on, and passed by town electors present. An official roll call and count was taken and should be in the town minutes/records.
1. State of Wisconsin – It is legal to ride ATV/UTV’s in the United States of America along with the state of Wisconsin and Adams County. The state statute for ATV/UTV’s is 23.33 under conservation (pages 40-51). The entire statute is on the state website at
2. Adams County – Adams County has over 40 miles of public ATV trails in Strongs Prairie, through Monroe, up to the town of Rome, that open May to November. Dyracuse Off-Road Park has over 12 miles of private ATV trails. It’s open early April to the last weekend in October. At Petenwell County Park, an additional 34 acres has been developed as an ATV/UTV camping area with additional ATV trail access. In south Adams County (Adams City, Adams Township, Easton, Village of Friendship, Jackson, Lincoln, New Chester, New Haven) have all have approved ATV/UTV’s.
3. Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources – Promotes and Supports ATV/UTV’ing in the State of Wisconsin and is always looking to enhance & expand the use of State Lands for all types of outdoor activities.
4. Rustic Ridge Riders, Inc. – The Rustic Ridge Riders, Inc. Snowmobile Club has thrived and grown in the town since 1989 and belongs to the AWSC (Association Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs) and the Adams County Snowmobile Association. In March of 2017 it has become a member of the WATVA (Wisconsin ATV Association). The Ridge Riders are a viable and strong club with 83 memberships and close to 160 members. And all are in support of riding ATV/UTV’s responsibly in the town of Quincy.
5. Insurance/Liability – (Insurance certificate for Adams County $10 million, Town of Quincy $10 million and Rustic Ridge Riders, Inc. $1 million) are in the original ATV/UTV Proposal. The private registered owner of the ATV/UTV should carry their own liability insurance. The town’s insurance agent has stated that in most cases the town’s liability insurance premium would ‘not’ go up! State Statute 895.52 Recreation, Liability, Protection (Recreational Activities limitation of property owner’s liability protects landowners).
6. All Town Roads ‘Ordinance’ tabled on August 29, 2019.
7. Signing – Actual highway legal road signs (yellow background with black lettering) must be installed only by the unit of government that maintains the highway or road and will be paid for by the Rustic Ridge Riders, Inc. The ATV/UTV (green background with white lettering) the all-terrain route signs would be installed by the ATV/UTV club and paid for by the Rustic Ridge Riders, Inc. The costs for signing will be determined after the all roads ordinance is finalized and approved by the town and county. All town roads will not be open until all signing has been completed.
8. After town approval – Adams County will have to be notified via an application for approval. The Wisconsin DNR notified, the Wisconsin State Patrol, and the Adams County Sheriff’s Dept. all with the approved ATV/UTV ordinance.
9. Policing the Route – The Adam County Sheriff’s Department would be responsible for patrolling and enforcing the law in conjunction with the Wisconsin State Patrol and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. As needed, mostly on weekends, the Rustic Ridge Riders, Inc. would provide Trail Patrol Ambassadors for added safety and would be checking for cleanliness on the route.
10. Already riding in Quincy – Even though riding an ATV/UTV is illegal in the Town of Quincy it is pretty apparent that people are riding in the town on a daily basis, especially on weekends, and over the summer holidays.


I believe we have pretty much covered everything that we thought would be pertinent to
make a good sound decision with a ‘YES’ vote from the Town of Quincy board to move
into the world of ATV/UTV’s, while enhancing and expanding the town into the activity of
outdoor year round PowerSports. With the addition of ATV-UTV’s it would be a big boost
to our current businesses and would promote more new business to our area. Allowing
ATV/UTV’s would be instrumental for promoting recreation, tourism, retirement, and
new development in the Town of Quincy, thus raising revenue and income for all
mentioned areas. The town of Quincy has signs at all locations entering the township, which promote recreation “Stating it’s a Whitetail & Walleye Paradise”. It’s a great place for outdoor sporting activities, swimming, boating, fishing, hunting, camping, cycling,
canoeing, kayaking, snowmobiling, and soon to be ATV’ing.

4/11/2020 ATV/UTV Laws on Tires & ATV/UTV vehicle widths defining an  ATV and a UTV. All machines registered out-of-state traveling on trails or roads must have a WI Trail Pass. Here is the link to the detail:

  • Bill SB583 (aka Act 183) was signed into law a few weeks ago. Two changes in the definition of ATVs/UTVs that should be aware of were made:
  1. Tires DO NOT need to be “low pressure tires or non-pneumatic tires”  Essentially you can mount most any tires that will fit your machine.
  2. A standard on how an ATV/UTV was to be measured was established. ATV 50 inches and UTVs 65 inches or less as measured laterally between the outermost wheel rim on each side of the vehicle, exclusive of tires, mirrors, and accessories that are not essential to the vehicle’s basic operation.
I believe the change in the tire definition will help make UTVs safer.  Please see Morse, KM or Bignells for road tire suggestions

12/16/2019 I kind of hate to go into it , but . we are still out battling the Town of Quincy over an ordinance to legalize ATV/UTV’s and we are not going away! At first, I approached the mission as a public service for our club, businesses, recreation and tourism. It then went to a game, and now I consider it a SPORT! It has been going on since 7/28/17. As I said, a SPORT! We will be going into our 3rd season coming up! All we really need is a second signature to ‘end the game’ and I can get out of the SPORT!

11/18/2019 Ridge Riders, this Thursday is the budget approval meeting for next year 2020. It starts at 5:00 pm. followed by the monthly Town Board meeting. I hope you can find the time to attend. It starts at 5:00 pm so normal working people are unable to attend. It is at 5:00 pm because supervisors 1 & 2 make it so no one would be able to attend but, the swamp.

It will be interesting to see if Supervisors 1 & 2 have dollars in the budget for their motion required January 25th 2017 ‘Full Time Police Force’

They were given a work order 1-2019 on October 5, 2019 at the ATV/UTV Town of Quincy public hearing signed by town residents both electors and taxpayers. To work on a plan for their said and required police department.

10/24/19 Motion on an investigation of a  full time police force on 1/25/18 in the Town of Quincy of which no action or activity has taken place. Town of Quincy Chairman made a motion to rescind that ‘crazy’ motion for a full time police force and the Supervisors would not second or rescind! A work Order for Supervisors 1 & 2 has been delivered to them at

idge Riders, this Thursday is the budget approval meeting for next year 2020. It starts at 5:00 pm. followed by the monthly Town Board meeting. I hope you can find the time to attend. It starts at 5:00 pm so normal working people are unable to attend. It is at 5:00 pm because supervisors 1 & 2 make it so no one would be able to attend but, the swamp.

It will be interesting to see if Supervisors 1 & 2 have dollars in the budget for their motion required January 25th ‘Full Time Police Force’

They were given a work order 1-2019 on October 5, 2019 at the ATV/UTV Town of Quincy public hearing signed by town residents both electors and taxpayers. To work on a plan for their said and required police department.

the ATV/UTV public hearing.

Where’s our police force?  see below:

Work Order 1-2019

10/6/19 Wow! The public hearing meeting was great! Everyone, I talked to was really impressed. It was well attended and we had a great panel of speakers. We also had some awesome questions from those in attendance. Every aspect of ATV’ing was covered by the presenters along with good questions by the attendees. A lot of ground on ATV/UTV’s in Quincy was also covered.

Great job by Kathy Bork our town clerk for putting it together and a special thanks to our Town Chairman Mary Firari.

Our panel consisted of:

Randy Harden President of the Wisconsin ATV/UTV Association (WATVA). Randy stepped forward immediately when he was contacted and asked to speak at the event. On a very short notice, he had to get up pretty early and drive 2 and a half hours in order to attend. I loved his presentation!

Jerry Wiessinger Town Supervisor for the Town of Rome. Jerry was very instrumental in getting an ATV Ordinance in the Town of Rome. Jerry gave a super speech in fact I would like to get a copy of it! So I myself can use it and plagiarize it! When I asked Jerry to speak at our event when he attended a meeting at our town to give me support at my speech. Without any hesitation he accepted.

Adams County Sheriff Brent York. The sheriff gave a report on all complaints on ATV/UTV’s in Adams County in 2019 and in the Town of Quincy. The County had 2 deaths.

Adams County Sheriff Sean Long (Recreation Officer) Sean is a great resource with lot’s knowledge of the law pertaining to all recreation vehicles.

Adams County Executive Director Laura Hook. Laura is always ready to step up and give a report on the benefit and revenue stream for businesses and tourist dollars brought into the county.

Mary Firari Town Chairman presided over the event.

Harry Zeigler Supervisor # 2

Dan Wysocky Supervisor # 1 did not attend.

It was a great Town event ran exceptionally well and it was well received by everyone in attendance

9/25/19 Hey gang, we need all club members to show up at this open meeting! We need to fill the Community Center. As a club we have been pursuing our quest for ATV/UTV’s in Quincy since July 2017 exactly 27 months now. Everyone should by now know the extensive hours of push, work, meetings, conversations, an election, and our ATV/UTV support signs in Quincy which have been cluttering up our town since July 1, 2018. Now is the time we need to get this thing completed. I personally would like to get on with my life!

A lot of towns surrounding Quincy have already approved them and started a lot later then we did! Let’s get this thing approved and done!

Let’s Ride! Think PowerSports!

9/17/19 Hey gang, we have a baseball game to attend this Thursday, Sept. 19, 2019 at the Quincy Town Hall at 6:00 pm. At the meeting in August while I was up front speaking I stole a pitching ‘CUTTER’ sign, as the front row was giving hand signals to Supervisors 1 & 2 to cut me off! Let’s see if we can pick up a few more! You know (steal, double steal, suicide squeeze, bunt, run on contact etc.).

Lot’s more going on at meeting then just ATV/UTV’s.

Hope to see you there! Lot’s of fun! First pitch at 6:00 pm.

9/1/19 There were 68 people at the Town Hall Board Meeting. With lot’s of Ridge Riders present. Our ATV/UTV presentation was well received by all people at the meeting. With our new Town Chairman in place I was finally given the time I needed to state our case I got to talk for about 11 min.. Everything that was presented was all fact. I wish you all could of been there! When I was done I actually got an applause from those in attendance. What an experience! We did walk away without a signed ordinance. But we did make a major advancement. We made a request for the town to hold a public hearing in the town of Quincy for ATV/UTV’s and under the direction of our town chairman we will be getting one. A date, time, and place will have to be scheduled. We need it held on a Saturday, at a larger venue then the town hall. And I am hoping we get about 150 people there so stay tuned.

While I was up speaking, in the front row of the audience someone began to make me feel like I was at a major league baseball game (the Brewers), and I thought we had a celebrity in the audience (Craig Counsel) the Brewers manager. In the front row a town resident was flashing hand signals to the town supervisors. I was trying to figure out if he was calling for a fastball, slider, or curve ball. And as I was speaking I finally figured it out, it was a ‘CUTTER’ he was signaling to the 2 supervisors to ‘CUT’ me OFF!

This is just to give you an idea of what our town chairman has to put up with at each and every meeting. They sit in the front row giving hand signals to the 2 town supervisors and trust me it is fact! I personally experienced it, and it happened to me!

7/30/2019 We will be back on the agenda for ATV/UTV’s on Thursday, 8/29/19 at 6:00 pm. @ the Quincy Town Hall. We need to load up the place with ATV/UTV supporters. I will be taking the floor and giving a presentation to the board and all citizens at the meeting. The time has come, it is long over do, we need to accomplish this and get it done!

5/26/19 ATV/UTV All Roads Ordinance 4-16 in Quincy is still tabled and no action taken on it at this meeting, it was not on the agenda. We are waiting on the developments taking place on the legitimacy of Supervisor #1 on the town of Quincy board.

The Town’s insurance agent was at the meeting giving a presentation on the insurance policy renewal for the next year and again Supervisor #2 just sat there with no questions on the policy after I spoon fed him a key question on ‘Liability Insurance’ with the addition of ATV/ATV’s at May’s board meeting I am hoping he will add this in his research document for ATV/UTV’s so far he has done nothing.

I wanted to ask the following question with a full house of towns people to prove that the towns liability insurance would not go up in cost with the approval of an ordinance allowing ATV/UTV’s in Quincy.

Denden Question?

Would the Town of Quincy’s liability insurance premium go up if an ordinance was passed for allowing the riding of ATV/UTV’s.

Insurance Agent Answer!

More than likely and in most cases the liability insurance premium would not go up!  NO

In the open question period Supervisor #2 was asked as to where he was in his ATV/UTV research. What he was using for his research and his answer was some kind of book, brochure, or pamphlet from the WDNR.

I told him that with all his extensive research and investigating of ATV/UTV’s it would be nice if we could see some kind of right-up or documentation on the status and his findings, on his current project for or against. I told him to go to the Chapter on Conservation 33.23 with all the state statues 22 pages on ATV/UTV’s OHV Vehicles.  And he told us that he doesn’t computer.

5/23/2019 Great meeting at the town hall this Thursday. Probably the best so far and more people attended than ever before. The entire atmosphere is changing.  The tension, stress, and eerie  feeling of not being wanted there has been lifted and is now gone.

As a Navy veteran I am no longer embarrassed by the old dismal, disrespected American Flag that was hanging on the wall for probably many, many years. All the white stripes were gray and it probably didn’t even have 50 stars on it.  A new American Flag, and a State of Wisconsin Flag have been added. Both properly mounted on standing flag poles with the correct flag etiquette. Thank you, Chairman Mary Firari.

As for ATV/UTV’s……. As you know, Supervisor #2 is still researching. In fact, if you ask me, he will be researching forever.  He will never produce any document or produce a report of his findings, for or against.  He said he was doing a lot of reading. His first comment turned out to be a question. “Who is going to pay for damage left on the side of the road, the gravel shoulder, by a disrespectful rider?”  After one month of research that’s all he can come up with?

Duh! Quincy has a full time highway department and the county also does to take care of those problems if they should ever even occur. His other comment was this: “Quincy is a farming community.”  Here we go again, last time it was “Quincy is a retirement community.”  Quincy is a great community for farming, business, tourism, recreation, real estate, retirement and raising children. When will Supervisors 1 & 2 figure that out?

The new Insurance agent for the Town was second on the agenda and introduced himself to all present at the meeting. He asked if anyone from the board or in the audience had any questions and there were none. The town liability insurance renewal is due in July.

New at the town meetings……. Our new Chairman added to the agenda a question and answer period of 3 mins. for anyone that wanted to speak. Someone, I think they call him Denden, used his 3 mins. and asked Supervisor #2 questions on his research project and it went like this:

Question #1   As anyone knows, the one thing everyone is always interested in for ATV/UTV’s is liability.  In your extensive research so far, do you know how much liability insurance the town of Quincy is insured for? His answer was NO!

Answer: Denden stated $10,000,000.00

Question #2  Do you know how much liability insurance Adams County carries on their liability insurance? His answer was NO!

Answer: Denden stated $10,000.000.00.  And the Rustic Ridge Riders carry a $1,000.000.00 liability insurance policy.

Supervisor #2, in your presence today was the town’s insurance agent and you were given the opportunity to have a few questions answered and you never asked two key questions for your research.  1) How much liability insurance does the town carry? 2) Will the Town’s liability insurance cost go up if we add an ordinance in the town for allowing ATV/UTV’s?

He had no comment and my 3 mins. were over.

Everyone at the meeting was stunned when someone from the back of the room asked a question  about an investigation involving two board members and whether or not they are Town of Quincy residents (electors/taxpayers).

4/25/2019 The ATV/UTV ordinance was tabled a motion was made to table the ordinance. The new town supervisor said he needed more time to review it and spend more time researching ATV/UTV’s in and around our township. I really don’t know what needs to be researched this debate and ATV stuff has been going on in Quincy for at least 10 yrs. and the Rustic Ridge Riders written proposal has been going on since July 2017.  Even with this delay tactic again against us, I have a feeling that we are on a upswing and things will be changing and going our way soon!

4/16/19 Exciting news Mary Firari was sworn in as Quincy Town Chairman  along with two town Supervisors and Kathy Bork as Town Clerk/Treasurer.

And after presenting an ATV/UTV proposal to the old Quincy Town Board on July 27, 2017 and getting on the agenda 9 times with no success and their  stalling and delays on the so called ‘policing  problem’ in Quincy.

A motion from the floor at the annual meeting was presented for an ‘All Roads ATV/UTV Ordinance #4-16, and seconded, and approved by town electors/residents attending the meeting. The I’s voted ‘yes’ and the motion carried. The motion and Ordinance #4-16 was presented to the town clerk for point of record.

So what does this all mean?  It means that the current Town Board will have to get involved, review, consider, and hopefully honor this All Roads ATV/UTV  Ordinance #4-16 request.

4/14/19 Our Town! Your Town!
Quincy Township!
Annual Meeting Tuesday, April 16, 2019 at 6:00 pm.

Yea! We are on to a fresh start a new era with change on the horizon and moving forward!

3/7/19 We are on the Town agenda again for the 9th. time. We are not going away. If you live in Quincy and are an elector or taxpayer  it’s time to get involved. We need your support! The meeting is Thursday, March 28, 2019 at 6:00 pm.

2/28/19 We were 2nd on the agenda, the chairman stated that a motion is still on the ‘table’ and moved on to the next item on the agenda. I’m beginning think that this is a ‘perpetual motion’.

I immediately raised my hand and he did recognize me. I stated the fact that the policing thing has been going on since January 2018 thirteen months now and a contract with the sheriff has not been signed yet! The motion on the table is something like ‘they will not deal with the ATV/UTV ordinance until they secure policing in Quincy’.

Let’s hope this gets completed. If you remember last November at the annual budget meeting they raised our taxes in Quincy 3.65% to raise the money for policing.

Anyway, kind of thinking about our next move for the March meeting with the town elections coming up on APRIL 2, 2019. We need to get out and campaign for Mary Firari for Town Chairman, Nancy Jonas for Supervisor, and ‘write in’ candidate Kathy Bork Clerk-Treasurer.

Time for a change in Quincy with new leadership!

2/21/19 Starting with the Quincy Town Board meeting of 2-28-19, these meetings will now become a monthly club activity, or you may call it an ‘event’. And the club will be communicating it through E-mail, Facebook, Newsletter, and the events page on our website. We encourage all to attend!
At this month’s ‘event’ we will be proposing an ALL Roads Quincy Town Ordinance. The town of Quincy has a unique situation and opportunity that other municipalities do not have. They have an ‘in-town’ Snowmobile/ATV-UTV Club (Rustic Ridge Rider’s Inc.) to help implement, patrol, and share the cost of signing on town roads and County HWY ‘F’ & ‘Z’ in the town.

We are also going there to form a relationship/partnership with the town board.

Throughout this process, our first attempt with an ATV/UTV proposal to the town board was July 31, 2017 at 6:00 pm. And it’s been on-going ever since.
Over that period of time we have built a relationship with the Wisconsin River Power Co. and we will have permission to ride on their property at the Castle Rock Dam. We have reached out to the County Parks & Recreation Dept. and will not be permitted to ride in Castle Rock County Park. Visited with the DNR Land Management Ranger and were turned down about riding on the Quincy Bluffs Wisconsin DNR property (plan on revisiting this in the future). We will also be reviewing some other options for ‘Trails’ in Quincy.
We have gained and earned the respect and support of our local law enforcement: The Adams County Sheriff, Adams County DNR Warden, and the Adams County Sheriff’s Recreation Enforcement Officer. All have given us support, guidance, and willingness to help us in anyway. And we will most definitely partner with them in support of patrolling our area, ‘Safety First’.

2/5/19 We have forwarded a new ‘ALL Roads’ ordinance for the town of Quincy’s Town Board meeting on February 28, 2019. As we move along this process, it’s the only sensible way to go. People want to ride from their own properties to there destination whether hunting, fishing, going to the dump or just for recreation purposes. Nobody wants to trailer to a road route, unload and leave their transportation vehicle parked and unprotected while they spend the day riding. It will also help with policing and eliminate a lot of unnecessary signing expenses.

1/26/19  We will again be on the town board agenda at the end of February, February 28, 2019 with an ordinance for ‘ALL Town Roads’. We believe we have pretty much covered everything that we thought would be pertinent  to make a good sound decision with a ‘YES’ vote from the Town of Quincy board to move into the world of ATV/UTV’s, while enhancing and expanding the town into the activity of outdoor year round power sports.

With the addition of ATV-UTV’s it would be a big boost to our current businesses and would promote more new business to our area. This new ordinance would be instrumental for promoting recreation, tourism, retirement, real estate, and new development in the Town of Quincy thus, raising revenue and income for all mentioned areas. We are all into making this happen. Along with the majority of citizens both electors and taxpayers in the Town of Quincy.

12/1/18 Going to skip the December Quincy Town Board Meeting and take the rest of the year off. Will be back again in January 2019. Have a ‘Happy New Year’!

11/15/18 Money has been approved and added to the Quincy town budget for 2019 for added police patrol from May until September with additional money provided as needed. The Adams County Sheriffs Dept. will be taking on the responsibility and providing the service. Are we on our way to getting ATV/UTV’s approved in Quincy?

11/4/18 Quincy Budget Hearing 11/15/18 @ 5:00 pm. Hey gang, I have met with the Adams County Highway Patrol Super-intendant on signing county roads ‘Z’ & ‘F’, he did a road trip and analyzed where and what kind of signs will be needed. He came up with 12 of them at a cost of $100.00 each. They are all directional signs white arrows with green back rounds. I have put a spread sheet together and a map as to where they need to be placed and forwarded to the town clerk to be added to their Quincy town budget for next year 2019, let’s see where this goes.  see below:

ATV-UTV County Signs

10/17/18 For a current look and status as to where we are, what’s been done, and needs to be done from project inception review our ATV/UTV Project Task List.

9/27/18 We were on the agenda and acknowledged at the meeting. Question was asked if our ordinance was the same as last month we answered ‘yes’ and no action was taken. They have met with the sheriff on the proposal for policing within the town and they are still reviewing. I don’t believe any action will be taken on ATV/UTV’s in Quincy until they resolve their policing problem.
I made note to them that we are there for point of record.

9/19/18 And yes, we are on the Quincy Town Board meeting agenda for September 27, 2018 at 6:00 pm. please plan on attending. If nothing else we will try to get a report on policing in Quincy. They were supposed to meet with the sheriff.

8/30/18 Wow! We were on the agenda and actually got to speak. The Adams County Recreation Officer was in attendance along with the WDNR Adams County Warden. Nice to see them, glad they attended. Now they are up- to- speed and totally informed as to where we are as we move along through the ATV/UTV town approval process in Quincy. Both have offered their knowledge and services for any input, references, or questions we may have.   The big hang-up is again the question of who is going to patrol and police the town. We were also informed that their is no ‘crime problem’ in Quincy. The town board has received a contract proposal from the Adams County Sheriff and will be meeting with him next week. The town only needs additional police patrol presence during the summer vacation period from Memorial Day to Labor Day. And in particular Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day weekends. Let’s see where this goes!

7/26/18 Should be interesting….. we are on the agenda for the 5th time this Thursday, August 30, 2018 at 6:00 pm. You know with the great communicators with no people skills. They are not team players and do not play well with others. Let’s see if they show any type of leadership and produce any kind of document that they created or, put any effort into that gives us a clear explanation as their refusal to get into any discussion or dialog as to why they are against ATV/UTV’s in Quincy.  Sad but true, they won’t even talk to us!

7/28/18 Get this! We were on the agenda at the Quincy Town Hall meeting at 6:00 pm on Thursday, July 26, 2018 and they just did the Linda Ronstad routine and blew right by us on the agenda and moved to the next item. (Linda Ronstad’s Blue Bayou) I did not think that they could do that if you are on the agenda and present! Kind of rude and I thought that they are suppose to be working for us the tax payers! They will not work with or even consider you. They have terrible people skills, zero communication skills, do not work well with others, are not team players, and are definitely unqualified to be dealing with and handling public affairs.

7/11/18 We are on the agenda at the Town of Quincy town board meeting on Thursday, July 26, 2018 at 6:00 pm if you are available please plan on attending. We also need to get a report from the board on their policing problem in Quincy we haven’t seen anything on that in 6 months. Two attempts to join the policing committee as a citizen have been denied they are supposedly working on it. The town chairman said the board will take care of it.  There are also questions being asked as to whether or not an active town supervisor actually lives in Quincy?

6/16/18  We have been on the agenda in front of the Quincy Board of Directors three times. July 27, 2017, January 31, 2018, and May 31, 2018 and we have made zero headway dealing with them. They already have imbedded in their minds that riding ATV/UTV’s under their watch in the Town of Quincy is not going to happen.

We have gotten no co-operation out of them on this matter and they have provided zero input on this subject. Instead of participating and getting involved, as they should, for all the town’s people, they are governing only for a select few. As tax payers, we have been approaching them responsibly, smartly, and respectfully.

The only response that they have provided is a letter from the Town Attorney on policing the Town. Our response to that is that we did not know that Quincy has a ‘Crime Problem’ which they said they would be looking into. Well, they have been looking into options for policing for 4 and one-half months now and we still haven’t heard or seen anything from them.

From our observation they most definitely lack people and communication skills. It is almost impossible to get any conversation or dialog out of them, with only one of them ever speaking and moving the direction of the dialog to n0where. You simply and immediately get cut off. The other two just sit there with zero input and don’t say anything.

The current Town of Quincy board will never make the move into the world of ATV/UTV’s, which would enhance and expand the town and be a big boost to our current businesses, as well as promoting new businesses in our area. The riding of ATV/UTV’s in Quincy would be instrumental for promoting recreation, tourism, retirement, real estate, and new development in the Town of Quincy, thus raising revenue and income for all mentioned areas.

The Rustic Ridge Riders will be heavily involved after approval of ATV/UTV’s in Quincy with the implementation, roll out, signing, and monitoring of the riding of ATV/UTV’s in our Town of Quincy.

6/1/18 Hey gang, we were on the meeting agenda and when it came to our turn, we were immediately told by the town chairman that the board will not consider our ordinance and would not be approving and signing anything. We were immediately cut off. I did try to get into a little dialog with the chairman by asking him some questions, which I will not get into at this time. We did have about 12 people with us at the meeting providing support and I am sure they will be relaying information of what was being said in various conversations around town.

The chairman was back on the policing thing. Who is going to patrol and police the town of Quincy? Our last time in front of the board was January 31, 2018 and we’ve given them 4 months to review and investigate the policing problem in Quincy and they basically said nothing, No documents, no report, no status, nothing. As we suspected, they probably just tabled it! He did mention that the policing thing, based on the town attorney’s letter, needed to be addressed even before the ATV/UTV thing came into play.

So where are we going and what’s next? Well, with the current Town Board, ATV/UTV riding is not going to go anywhere in the town of Quincy.

Elections are next April in 2019

5/5/18  We are on the Town of Quincy town board meeting agenda for Thursday, May 31, 2018 @ 6:00 pm. at the Quincy Town Hall all are welcome to attend. Take time to review and read the proposed  ATV/UTV ordinance below.

ATV-UTV Ordinance Quincy 5-31-18

3/25/18  We plan on getting on the town agenda at the town meeting on April 26, 2018 at 6:00 pm. with our newly created ordinance.

1/26/18  Don’t hop-on your ATV/UTV and ride off of your property just yet. I thought that the meeting had gone fairly well and there was some good conversation between the town board, myself, and all people in attendance. According to Dan we have gotten further along in the discussion then anyone else.

The big issue that is on the table now is law enforcement in Quincy. Who is going to police and enforce the law. The discussion got more involved than just ATV/UTV’s in fact it went through instances of calls placed to the sheriff’s department that they hadn’t responded to in Quincy from things like late night noise violations, fireworks, loud mufflers, ATV’s etc. just normal citizens just calling in and complaining.

The Town Board is going to look into how Quincy could be better policed.

To explain and make it simple to understand, as to where we currently are please take the time to read the attached letter from the Town of Quincy Attorney.

You guessed it! It is still illegal to ride ATV/UTV’s in Quincy. It went pretty much like and how we all expected it!

ATV-UTV Town Attorney Letter 1-24-18 

ATV-UTV Adams CTY Route Application

1/10/18 We are on the Town of Quincy board meeting agenda with our proposed ATV/UTV ordinance on Thursday, January 25, 2018 @ 6:00 pm. see the ordinance below.

ATV-UTV Ordinance Quincy 1-25-18

12/ 23/17 As we move along through the process, everyone already knows that our leaders in government move very slow at turtle speed and it takes patience and a long time for them to make any decisions,  process, complete, and implement anything.  We are still working on an acceptable ATV/UTV route in the town of Quincy. We will be pretty well all set to present the final route and Quincy ATV/UTV ordinance to them probably in January 2018.

10/10/17 Hey gang, great news! I just got word from Wisconsin River Power Company and we would be able to ride on their recreation Castle Rock Dam parking area. After internal discussions within the company they decided that they will not distinguish between motorized vehicles within their parking area whether automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, or ATV/UTV’s.

So their policy is that if motorized vehicles are allowed in their recreational parking areas it means all of them.

10/6/17 Waiting for answer from Wisconsin River Power Co. as to whether or not ATV/UTV’s would be allowed on their property (parking lot) only, at the Castle Rock Lake Dam.

9/29/17 Adams County Parks & Recreation response to ATV/UTV riding in the Castle Rock County Park on CTY HWY Z. Policy, rules, and regulations (no motorized ATV/UTV riding in the county parks)

9/15/17 Meeting results with Wisconsin DNR Land Management. We will ‘not’ be able to ride on, or through any WDNR land in the town of Quincy. It is protected for wildlife and wetlands. It is a Wildlife Conservancy.

9/9/17  We are currently working on an acceptable route for approval in the Town of Quincy. We are right now communicating with the Wisconsin DNR


Review the documents below for a comprehensive report on current updates & status. 


ATV-UTV Proposal 6-29-17 Town


ATV Project Outline 4-11-2017